A note from Catherine

Like many of my clients I have battled with weight, stress, fatigue, skin problems and digestive issues. Like many others I turned to the doctor for help. My doctor ordered some tests – everything came within normal ranges – I was told to lose weight.

But the doctor didn’t tell me how!

I was already eating good quality, healthy food and I walked every day but the number on the scales just got bigger and bigger.

It was depressing!

For years I suffered with joint pain, debilitating fatigue and feelings of frustration and inadequacy.  Like many others I tried all the latest fad diets and fad exercises. I spent hours and hours reading a library full of self-help books.

Nothing worked, I kept putting on weight and the pain got worse and worse.

So I began to ask myself “Why”? Why did some people lose weight easily but others didn’t? Why did some people have abundant energy but others didn’t? Why could some people sleep soundly but others didn’t? Why did some people age well and others didn’t?

Why, why, why?

My search for answers began. I completed a 4-year Bachelor of Health Science through Endeavour College of Natural Health. During this time I studied the structure and function of the human body in depth. I learnt about disease and suffering, what happens when the body goes wrong and what the body needs to return to effective function. I took the time to listen to the stories, struggles, failures and success of countless people just like you.

Wow it opened my eyes!

I discovered that everyone is different. That our genes have a huge influence on how our body responds to the stress of modern living. Our genes are the little master minds that influence every function in our bodies. Working with our unique genetic makeup produces wonderful results. When to comes to health and well-being there really isn’t a one size fits all approach.

I discovered that symptoms are often the bodies alarm bells trying to tell us something is wrong. Medicating to suppress symptoms doesn’t make the problem or the damage to the body disappear. The only way to truly get better is to find the underlying cause and fix that.

I discovered that your body needs fuel and the quality of the fuel counts. But current dietary advice is confusing and woefully inadequate. Many foods advertised as ‘healthy’ are terrible for our bodies and in many cases, contribute to weight gain, digestive issues or increased toxic load.

I discovered that using herbs and nutrients that support the bodies normal processes can have life altering effects. I love to see the look a shear happiness on a client’s face when they break through the barrier of ill health and start to feel awesome again.

I discovered that most of all our bodies want balance and will go to extreme lengths to try to achieve balance.

I felt energised and inspired.

My passion is to use my knowledge and training in Health Science to help you achieve your personal goals whatever they may be. I work closely with you to build on your strengths while identifying, then minimising the effects of the things that have held you back. I believe in your bodies innate ability to find it’s own bliss. Long term, lasting change is a step by step process and begins right now.

Together we can achieve change that sticks.

Book an appointment today and let’s get started.



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