Herbal Tea

What is herbal tea?

Herbal tea is an infusion of various parts of plants including flowers, leaves, seeds, roots or bark. When you drink a well-steeped herbal tea, you get the plant’s active constituents in an easy to absorb form. The beautiful simplicity of herbal teas makes them so easy and pleasurable to add to your daily routine! Enjoyed hot, iced, in a tea latte, or even in a nourishing tea smoothie, herbal teas are a stress-free way to add some goodness to your diet and boost health.

Personalised tea blends.

I use my knowledge and training in western herbal medicine to create personalised herbal tea blends specifically formulated to optimise therapeutic benefit while maintaining the delicate flavour and synergistic properties of the organic herbs.

These herbal blends can help to ease or relieve all sorts of ailments such as encouraging sound and restful sleep, boosting sluggish digestion, easing achy joints, supporting detoxification or enriching mental, emotional or spiritual health.

Experience the pleasure of herbal tea today.

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